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Backroads Motorsports (BRMS) was created to meet the needs of drivers who take the twisty back roads as part of their regular commutes, or those that want a sports car for weekend getaways. We also find cars for clients. Since moving to a larger lot in 2019 we now have many of the most popular types of vehicles in stock, such as SUVs, sedans, and pickup trucks.  As a powersports dealer we carry ATVs, motorcycles, and golf carts.   

Why Buy From Us?

Very good condition vehicles at excellent prices.  If we don’t have the vehicle you want in stock we will find it for you. That way you will know exactly what the cost is (see our fee structure below), and we don’t have high dealer ‘doc’ fees tacked on. So take advantage of an auction insider with a license to deal! 

We research such measures as road-holding slalom results to offer cars that make a windy road a joy to experience.  Through analytics, auction deals, and a willingness to travel regionally to hunt cars, we strive to acquire exceptional cars and get them in the hands of local enthusiasts (cars that are too often in short supply in the greater Cincinnati market).  And we’re not focused on high-priced super cars, just great used vehicles that offer amazing value, luxury, build quality, and sport performance.  Prefer a hybrid for the mpg?  We’ve become big fans too, and have found several for clients.

About Our Fee Structure

You probably don’t need us to find you a typical, popular sedan or sports car, but if you’re looking for a BMW coupe in Le Mans blue metallic with the M Sport package and less than 75k miles, you probably do.  For a reasonable fee I’ll track one down, negotiate the purchase, and retrieve it for you.  I can also advise for the best make and model for you, a spouse, or a teen driver.  Don’t forget, your kids take those same back roads you do.  I’m happy to find a car for your teen or college age drivers.

Finder Fee Schedule

$600 for 5k-9k vehicle price

$750 for 10k-15k vehicle price

$825  for 16k-20k vehicle price

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